Cathedral Rock Engagement Session | Sedona, Arizona

Christal found me on Facebook and inquired about an Adventurous Engagement Session in Sedona. When she told me that her and her fiance Phil enjoy hiking together I knew we were going to create some amazing portraits.

I chose to take them up Cathedral Rock and for those of you who haven't climbed it, it is about .7 miles of bouldering or climbing stairs straight up. The whole way up they teased each other, supported one another and laughed about this adventure. When we got to the top, they appluaded each other's climb with a high-five and hug. It is little details like this that demonstrate just how much they love and encourage one another.


When I suggested that they stand on the edge of a cliff for their engagement photographs they reacted with excitement and enthusiasm. Phil affectionately referred to this as a "trust exercise". Sedona radiated it's beautiful colors for this couple. There was a touch of rain but nothing could spoil their engagement celebration.

CathedralRockSedonaEngagementSession-62 (1).jpg

Phil & Christal -
I feel honored to have captured this moment in your lives. You have an undeniable connection and I pray that both continue to travel and take on epic challenges. I wish you both all the love and adventure that this life has to offer.
Lots of Love -
Cristina Nicole

Photography By: Kaemere Photography & Design | Location: Cathedral Rock | Trail Length: .7 Miles - Steep & Difficult in some places, be sure to follow the white dots for the easiest access.