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meet the photographer | cristina nicole


I have always been an adventurer and a romantic. No matter where I have been in life, I found myself wanting to live life to the fullest, to choose danger, to be wild, to be inspired, and to make the most of my memories. Because of this enthusiasm for life, I am a story teller to the core. My passion for photography turned into a business when I found out that I could capture these types of moments for my clients.

I thrive on getting to know my clients and customizing each portrait session to be an unforgettable experience. I cry at weddings. I have seen boudoir sessions change lives and maternity sessions are just the sweetest celebrations. I sincerely love what I do, and I feel like every day is a blessing.


Cristina Nicole - Sedona Photographer

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Cameras & Lenses

2 Nikon D800s, 2 Nikon D7000s, NIKKOR 35MM, NIKKOR 50MM, NIKKOR 85MM, NIKKOR 24-70MM, NIKKOR 70-200MM

Other Essentials

Nikon Speedlights, Strobe, LED Light Panels, ICE Light, & a Reflector

What other stuff is in my bag?

A plethora of spare batteries, 20+ memory cards, a hanger, sticky tack, bobby pins, hair ties, a dress clip, safety pins, candy and a GRANOLA bar. 

a corner suite gets a facelist


for over five years I dreamed of having my own studio space, specifically a studio space in Sedona. i looked and looked until one day i came across a suite on the second floor with large windows and an amazing view - on craigslist of all places. it was love at first sight… well sort of. i had to rip down old curtains, repaint the walls and the ceiling, update the fixtures, and then start a studio from scratch. the whole process took the better part of a year, but now i have a space i love to share with my clients and colleagues.