WPPI Class Review

Effective Strategies for Destination Wedding Photographers by Kenny Kim.
|| Paid Master Class ||
Instructor: Kenny was warm and energic. It was clear to see that we shared a passion for traveling and for destination weddings.
Pros: I came away with many great and unique marketing tips to book more destination weddings in the locations I want. Bali & Aruba here I come. Kenny also expressed emphasis on being a destination wedding photographer for couples who travel to your hometown location to get married. Something I had not considered before... His portfolio is AMAZING and a true inspiration to mine. You can view his website here: http://www.kennykim.com/
Cons: This class was too short. I could have listened to Kenny all day and would have loved to hear more specifics about his work-flow.
Overall Score: 5/5

Boudoir, Weddings, Portraits; How to make every woman look amazing by Jen Rozenbaum.
|| Free Platform Class ||
Instructor: Jen is a posing master. I have both of her classes from Creative Live and I was pleasantly surprised that her WPPI class provided content that I had not heard before.
Pros: I came away with the idea that my clients' boudoir experience starts with their lingerie shopping. I figured out new questions for my questionnaire and ways I can help my clients dress to best flatter their body type and their personalities.
Cons: Absolutely nothing!
Overall Score: 5/5.

Getting Sexy for Google by Robert Greer
|| Free platform class ||
Instructor: Robert knows his stuff and he is passionate about helping other photographers figure it out.
Pros: In this quick hour and a half class, I came away with a two-page list of little changes I can make to drastically improve my SEO ranking. Rob talks fast and to the point- which I love. His method of instruction makes this complicated topic easier to digest. I will be attending all of his classes in the future.
Cons: I now have to restyle my website :(
Overall Score: 5/5

Couples Boudoir Photography by Brianna & Ewan Phelan
|| Free platform class ||
Instructor: Husband & Wife teams inspire me and it's clear that Brianna & Ewan are the perfect balance for one another.
Pros: I have been toying with the idea of adding couples boudoir photography to my list of services and now I am convinced I need to. Intimate lifestyle portraits can be so meaningful to couples.
Cons: Sadly I had to leave early and could not finish their whole presentation.
Overall Score: N/A

The roaming photographer: How to fund your lust for travel by Kristi Odom
|| Paid Master Class ||
Instructor: Kristi has a heart of gold. I was immediately impressed with the way she walked around the room and introduced herself to every student. It's easy to see her compassion portrayed in her images. There was such great emotion captured between her clients that I would say that her images inspired my work the most from the conference.
Pros: This class was such a real and honest take on Destination Wedding Photography. It was refreshingly different from Kenny's class and I appreciated the female adventurer perspective. I also came away with wanting to develop my personal photography projects in a way similar to how Kristi has.
Cons: Absolutely none, could have listened to her all day.
Overall Score 5/5

New Marketing Strategies by Melissa Jill
|| Free Platform Class ||
Instructor: Melissa was bright and funny. She incorporated humor in a way that made her sales strategies easy to understand. Also her blog is drool worthy.
Pros: I was able to attend this class with Scott & Yuliya and we were all equally impressed with the content provided in the quick hour and a half class. I found her material organized and easy to implement.
Cons: Absolutely none. Would love to see this turn into a longer presentation.
Overall Score 5/5.