The Importance of Professional Makeup

I often get asked why I require my clients to see a professional makeup artist before scheduling their portrait session. So this week, I put myself in their shoes. I asked a good friend of mine to photograph me with no makeup on, with my everyday makeup, and then with my makeup professionally done. Even as a photographer, I was surprised by the results.


With no makeup, you can see the bruise on my forehead from where I ran into a dresser two weeks ago. There is a slight redness I am not used to seeing on my face and you can see how little I have slept lately. 

Much to my surprise, my everyday makeup photographs just like when I have no makeup on. I could hardly tell a difference between the two images. 

I have never been one to wear a lot of makeup. It feels heavy and unnatural to me. However, after seeing the three images side by side, I can see a huge difference and the benefit to wearing professional makeup for a photo-shoot. My skin tone looks even, my bruise is gone, the circles under my eyes have been significantly reduced. I think my eyes pop a little more and that I even look a little bit younger. I want the same experience for my clients. 

Professional Makeup is not meant to cover you up or make you into someone you are not. It's about accentuating your beauty, and providing a flawless finish for your photographs.

What do you think? What difference do you seen between the photographs?

Makeup By: Tia Smith MUA  | Headshots By: Scott Barber of Totem Imagery