A Perfect Proposal

It was the kind of proposal that you see in movies.

Steven had planned the whole thing. I could just tell how excited he was from the moment he contacted me. Feeding off his excitement, I immediately reached out to The Purple Cafe & Wine Bar and they were so excited to hear about Steven's plans that they bent over backwards to help us plan the perfect evening.

After a few notes in the reservation book, and us calling dibs on the best seats in the house and we were in business.

I got there early to plan my lighting and equipment. I set up my computer and camera on the table and pretended like I was treating myself to a fabulous dinner and while accomplishing some work. Thankfully Lexi bought it.

Steven and Lexi showed up shortly after I did. Steven dressed in suit and tie, and Lexi was in a perfect summer outfit. I was immediately smitten with them. As I eavesdropped on their conversation, I quickly found out how much I adored Lexi. She was smart, funny, a little sassy and full of energy. Steven sat there totally calm, cool and collected. There were a few moments where I wondered if I was more nervous than he was.

As they finished their meal, Steven dropped to one knee and the whole restaurant went quite. Lexi was totally surprised, and immediately started crying... She said yes and the whole restaurant cheered!! Lexi spent the rest of their meal alternating between gitty excitement, happy tears and looking at her ring. You just can't fake the kind of love and joy Steven and Lexi have for one another.

Congratulations on your engagement you two!

I wish you all the love and adventure that life has to offer.

With Love, Cristina Nicole