Puppy Portraits - A Tutorial Guide

Having your loved or your fur babies in your professional photographs is incredibly important but there are some tips and tricks to know if you want to have a successful photo-shoot.

1.) Your dog should look their best too so make sure they visit the groomers the week of their photo-shoot and have a bath the night before. Don't be afraid to go the extra mile. I'm a sucker for dogs who wear bows or bow-ties in their family photos.

2.) Exercise your dog(s) prior to the photo-shoot. Even a simple walk down the street will calm their mood and make them more comfortable with the photographic process.

3.) Bring the leash, the kennel, their favorite toy, favorite treats, poop bags and some water. Trust me on this, anything that makes your dog feel safe and right at home will make for a better experience.

4.) Be patient. Your dog has to build a relationship with the photographer. Show the dog that you trust the photographer and allow for some play time with all the people who will be at the photo-shoot. Take breaks if need be and don't expect the dog to be in every photograph. (That's too much, even for most humans)

4.) Let the photographer be the only one to reward the dog with treats. The dog will quickly become hyper-focused on the photographer and be more accommodating to the photographers posing instructions.

5.) For young pups, or dogs still learning their manners the natrualpathic calm chewable at Walmart is a great tool for parents who need some extra help.

6.) Lastly, embrace the curve-balls, even the most prepared parents can have a dog that is uncooperative or camera-shy. It's part of the experience, make a joke out of it., laugh about it and go for more candid style photographs.