Photographers Who Inspire My Work

In no particular order, here is a list of some of my favorite photographers, the reason I love them and how they inspired my work.

Jordan Voth - Seattle Wedding & Portrait Photographer - When I think of Jordan Voth I think Stylish Adventure. Which is something I have emulated my own brand after. I love his dual passion for both the desert and the Pacific Northwest.

Sue Bryce - It's hard to be a working photographer and to not have heard of Sue Bryce. She is without a doubt one of the best educators in the world. She pours her heart and soul into every portrait she creates, and is constantly inspiring her students to be the best versions of themselves. She inspires me to pour more of myself into my clients and my business. She also inspires me to educate my peers.

Jasmine Star - Jasmine was the first educator I came to know as a newbie photographer. She started with nothing and built an incredible wedding photography business. She has since grown into a branding strategist and social influencer. Jasmine inspires me to be myself. Whether it's holy jeans, cheesy jokes or my sily personality, my uniqueness makes my brand more authentic and therefore more attractive to my ideal client.

Jen Rozenbaum - Jen is my favorite boudoir instructor. I love how empowering women is her driving purpose. She’s been helpful with posing, prices and building style guides.

Lola Melani - I'm in love with her classic portrait work. I model my maternity images after hers. Lola takes black and white images to a whole new level. The simplicity of her images makes them powerful and emotive. Her Instagram photographs have inspired many design and decor aspects of my studio.

Pye Jirsa - Personality wise, Pye and I could be best friends. He is cheesy, adventurous, fun and always down for a laugh. He teaches in a way that is addicting and personable. I learned so much from his class on CreativeLive and have him at the top of my list to photograph my own wedding.

Lindsay Adler - Lighting & Posing wise this girl knows it all. I had the pleasure of sitting in her Fine Art Nudes Class and I have never been so inspired to create art. To know the rules and to break them. She inspires me as a person. Even though she is a big time celebrity photographer she is kind to everyone she meets.

Julia Kelleher - I have Julia to thank for helping me nail the in person sales technique for professional photographers. Before her class, my numbers were all over the place and I was afraid to talk to m clients on the phone. I'm so thankful for her vote of confidence and her explanations. She also inspired 'The Baby Plan' that I am now offering at my studio. @juliakelleher

Have you heard of any of these photographers before? Who are some photographers you love? Be sure to tell me in the comments below.