Yuliya Rae is a Portrait Photographer, here in Seattle Washington, and she is the BEST. Yuliya is the creative talent and owner of Zipperture Photography. Ironically, we met a stylized photo-shoot in January, who knew a month later we would be planning to collaborate on our own stylized photoshoots... Horay for great networking!  

Yuliya is a wife, a daughter, a sister and a loyal friend. She is a traveler and an explorer, who has an amazing eye for capturing beauty. She  will tell you that her creative journey began by making elaborate doodles in her early childhood. Then she majored in art: with a focus in painting, drawing, etching and sculpting. Then as soon as a DSLR made its way into her hands, her life was forever changed. Though, I know for certain that she was born to be a photographer. 

Yuliya is the woman who is going to challenge me and ultimately push me to be a better photographer. We have a plethora of similarities and where our differences lay - it creates a nice healthy balance that will take our photo-shoots to the next level. I am blessed to be working with her professionally but I am even more excited for the quick friendship we have developed. 

Can you tell I am crushing? Check out her work! You'll see why. Zipperature Photography

With Love, 

Cristina Nicole