Lighting Shaping Tools

This past week I had the opportunity to sit in on the live course Tony Corbell taught at CreativeLive. It was a two day in-depth course on almost every light shaping tool that is available to photographers.

Friends, I still cannot believe how much I learned. Tony did an excellent job demonstrating the pros and cons of each light shaping tool. Then he also demonstrated with a variety of ways to use the tool.

As someone who considered themselves a natural light photographer, I am so excited to add artificial lighting to both my studio work and my on-location shoots. Before this class I was never very good at lighting my subjects. I always found my lighting setups to be too harsh and unnatural. Well now that I have better handle on how to use the equipment, I know I will be spending less time shooting and less time in post process. This class is going to be instrumental in taking my work to the next level and it is going to save me so much time!

You can view Tony's work HERE.

You can purchase the creative live course Here.