A Photographer's Playdate in the Snow - Sedona Bridal Portraits

Sedona Bridal Portait

I am often amazed at the creative community and the kindness of others. A couple of weeks ago was no expectation. Being an Arizona girl, snow makes me feel all kinds of magical inspiration and the last time it snowed this winter, I was desperate to capture it.

I posted to Facebook and asked for a model. Within minutes, Olivia Leon responded and brought my snowy vision to life. I called up Sedona Fine Art Flowers and Gari graciously whipped up a last minute bouquet for me from flowers she had on hand. Within 30 minutes we had a Stylized Bridal Portrait Session Planned.

By 2:30pm the snow had just about melted (as it does in Arizona). Thankfully West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon had the look I was craving. Olivia was patient as she stood in the cold while I got my shots. I couldn't be happier with the results.

West Fork Trail Bridal Session - Bride is Wearing a Mr. Pretty Skirt

Styled shoots are a great way to practice your skills, strengthen your creativity and make new friends. This one accomplished all of that. Thank you to Olivia Leon of Livi's Lens Photography and Sedona Fine Art Flowers for supporting my vision and creative whims.

Sedona Snow Bridal Portrait

Mr. Pretty Skirt $75 (Brought by Olivia)
Lace Top from H&M $5
Discounted Bouquet $40
Total Cost $120