9 Ways to Propose to Your Outdoorsy Girlfriend

While you don’t need an extravagant scheme to have a special or memorable marriage proposal, I think having some sort of game plan is wise. So here are some ideas to help you: Propose to the love of your life using her favorite past-times and hobbies as your guide.

1. Love Sealife? Take your sweetie to an aquarium and have the aquarium's divers hold up a sign that reads, "Will you marry me?" against the viewing glass. 

2. Beach Lovers? Next time you head to the ocean, find a perfect spot on the beach and build a sandcastle together! Make sure she is digging and building in the area where she will just happen upon your buried treasure.

3. Love Off-Roading or ATVing? Fake a mechanical malfunction at a coincidentally beautiful location. When she turns her vehicle around or tries to figure out why you have stopped or if you need help, use this as your opportunity to propose.

4. Climbers? Climb the route ahead of time and leave behind a ring attached to a climbing hold or attached it to a piece of gear.

5. A Little Old-Fashioned? Make your own message in a bottle. On the night before a beach day you've planned, write about your love on a piece of parchment paper, roll it into an antique bottle with a cork and bury it in a well-marked spot where you both will find it easily early the next morning. After she reads your loving words, drop down onto one knee and propose. *Be careful of the rising tide.

6. Foodies? Prepare a picnic in a secluded area, urge your girlfriend to come for a walk with you, and then stumble across your picnic surprise. You could also spell out “will you marry me?” on the picnic blanket or have the ring box in the picnic basket for her to find.

7. Like to Fish? Custom Engrave a sinker or bobber with your proposal. When she isn't looking, put it on her line. When she reels in her fish, she will see all that you are offering.

8. Skiers or Snowboarders? Take a trip with friends or family and place poster size signs sequentially on the ski lift so that as she rides to the top of mountain, she will read " Her name, Will, You, Marry" then at the top of the lift you will be holding the last sign that reads "Me?"

9. Racers? Have race volunteers, family or friends wait for you both to cross the finish line, have hold a banner that reads "Her name, I want to run and finish everything in my life with you with you by my side... Will you Marry me?" Drop to your knee as she is reading the sign.

Final Notes...

Being surprised with a proposal is way better than knowing one is coming so be SECRETIVE.

Subtly suggesting she wear a particularly cute outfit, that you love and that she looks good in is always a good idea.

I know waiting is the hard part but timing is truly essential for every proposal. Be patient and pick a day when your sweetheart is in a good mood, relaxed and relatively stress free.

Most importantly, hire a photographer to capture the moment.

Do you have an epic proposal story? Or a good idea to add to the list? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.