The 2016 Freeze

Photographers are generally known for being gear junkies. There are always new toys and improved technologies coming out that it is almost impossible not to be constantly purchasing gear. However, after reading an article on The Million Dollar Photographer, I decided to do a gear freeze in 2016. 

The idea was to treat your business like a business rather than a hobby. You were to take all the money you would have spent on new gear and spend it on marketing and education instead. You were permitted to replace anything that was lost, damaged, broken or stolen. You may also purchase new batteries and memory cards if need be. Trust me, this was difficult to do. I passed on many deals and had to practically ignore my Amazon account. 

However, the growth I have experienced this year has been enormous. I went from being uncomfortable in photoshop to it being my favorite program. I have become inspired by many great educators. I know my equipment inside and out. I designed a website I am proud of. Most importantly I have defined my niche and developed a photographic style that I love. 

I plan to purchase some new equipment this year but my new business model will have a gear freeze every other year so that I continue to grow as a professional photographer.